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Florence, Venice and Rome are at the top of the list for any visitors (tourist) to see, in this beautiful and marveled country of Italy.
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Venice The most Romantic City in the World

Venice can be a sightseer`s dream come true, only if you have planed and done a little bit of homework ahead of time. Since the city is made-up of more than 117 separate islands, specific sights should be planed prior to arrival. A couple of gems of interest that need mentioning, are the outlying islands of Murano, Burano and Tolerllo.

With much walking (with many footbridges to cross) or taking slow, expensive and often crowded water buses (called a Vaporetti) – it is recommended to stay near a convenient arrival and departure point, especially if you are traveling with more luggage than carry on bag.

Choosing a hotel near the sights you intend to see will save on your budget and time waiting on a water taxi. Also keep in mind if your hotel is on the mainland (around the district of Mestre), to reach the city, it will require a bus, taxi or train to cross the 4 km (2.5 miles) cause way.

For the romantics, early morning and late evening sets a scene more personal (due to the lack of huge tourists crowds during the day). Exploring a little further inland from the Grand Canal to find the typical Venice neighbourhoods, you will avoid the souvenir stand crowds and discover Venice`s authenticity. To find the true treasures of Venice, Explore and discover some of the lesser-Known sights on your own.

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