Norway Europe must visit

A long and craggy country, Norway has not always been as easy to get around as we’d like it to be. But modern conveniences have made it much easier than it once was. These days, there are trains, boats, roads, and a network of small airports, all making it quite practical to see any part of the country.

By plane ; There are more than 50 airports in Norway, making even the northernmost communities accessible by plane.

By train ; NSB, the Norwegian State Railways, operates most passenger train services in Norway, and has a well-developed railway network stretching from Kristiansand in the south to Bodø above the Arctic Circle.

By boat ; From ancient times, we Norwegians have been a seafaring people, not just because we love the sea, but because we have had to be.

By car ; Keep calm and drive on. Driving a car is perhaps one of the best ways to experience Norway at your own pace.

By bus ; Every city and town in Norway has a local bus service, and there is an extensive network of express coaches throughout the country.